What is Functional Medicine ?

Unlike conventional medicine, which often focuses solely on
managing symptoms, functional medicine uses holistic tools
to reduce inflammation at the system and cellular levels.
Conventional medicine sometimes falls short by using
medications to suppress symptoms, which can lead to
new side effects. Functional medicine seeks to improve
a range of symptoms across different diseases,
making it a beneficial approach.


How does functional medicine help with different diseases?

Let's take a real-life example to illustrate this. Suppose someone is suffering from a psychiatric disorder that is resistant to medication. Instead of merely switching medications, functional medicine explores various inflammation causes, such as the connection between gut health and mental health. If this person has gut dysbiosis (an imbalance in the gut bacteria), the conventional medications might not work. But by treating the gut dysbiosis with a functional medicine approach, which includes nutrition and lifestyle changes, it's possible to reduce inflammation at the system level. As a result, this could lead to an improvement in the psychiatric disorder.

What if we don't use functional medicine?

Without holistic approach to reduce inflammation at cellular levels , individuals may continue to experience their health issues, especially if their medication isn't working. By applying a holistic approach, functional medicine can help reduce inflammation at the core level. This can lead to an improvement in clinical symptoms and decrease the reliance on medications, which can be really beneficial. In conclusion, functional medicine is an approach that is gaining recognition worldwide for its results in improving physical and mental health. By tackling inflammation at the system level, it offers a promising alternative for those seeking a comprehensive and proactive approach to their health.


Dr. Aarti Midha

Dr. Aarti Midha is an MD in Psychiatry from SMS Medical College Jaipur and an ABAARM from the American Board of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine, USA. She is a psychiatrist by profession and a functional medicine doctor by passion. She helps people heal their chronic diseases with a holistic approach.

Dr. Midha believes in finding out the root cause of the problem and not just superficially alleviating the symptoms. The principles behind integrative psychiatry are to address all the factors that may be causing the illness and treat the person as a whole. Therefore, Dr. Midha takes into consideration co-existing medical conditions, genetic influences, hormonal imbalances, dietary habits and nutritional deficiencies, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, gut-brain dysfunctions, faulty lifestyle patterns, psychological stressors and conflicts.

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