Hi I’m Aarti.

A mother at heart and a psychiatrist by profession.

I am on a mission to transform and redefine the way mental health is treated and looked at.

IMAGINE how life would be if we could overcome mental health challenges… 

Our SOUL Approach enables you to go beyond traditional or conventional medicine to give you the answers you want and gets you the results that you deserve.


As a Psychiatrist I witnessed firsthand the limitations of conventional medicine and approach to one’s mental health. One of my core driving forces has always been an unwavering love for science fueled with a desire to provide meaningful care for my patients. One of the limitations, I would see time and again with the conventional approach (where we treat brain as an organ) to mental health issues is - merely prescribing more and more medications, often without much significant improvement but with escalating side effects.


It was through this anguish that I awakened to a profound realisation - we had been missing a fundamental linking piece as psychiatrists in conventional approach where we treat the brain as an isolated organ rather than an integrated and interconnected system. The missing link with conventional methods was amplified by the realisation that treating the brain as an isolated organ alone was insufficient. I understood and recognised that true healing would require to look and address the brain as an intricate system that’s interwoven with the body, mind and spirit as a unified whole.


However, a very pivotal moment in my life arose when I witnessed the devastating decline of my best friend Suman’s son (Keshav - names changed for confidentiality) who was very bright and close to my heart as family friends. I would say it to be the defining moment that shook me so intensely that it shattered my belief in traditional medicine and sparked an unquenchable thirst to find a more holistic and effective path to mental well-being. It triggered an intense quest for answers beyond mere labels and limitations.


That’s when I embarked on a journey to find the real answers and my world opened up to integrative psychiatry,  Cellular nutrition and  Hormonal balancing where we look and treat the brain not as an isolated but as an integrative and interconnected system that’s influenced by body, mind and environmental factors. By combining cutting edge scientific research with ancient wisdom and holistic practices. I uncovered a groundbreaking approach that would not only go on to become my life’s work but also become the cornerstone of my brand - the SOUL Approach.


The SOUL Approach is where we integrate evidence based holistic modalities like nutritional therapies, cellular health and Hormonal balencing along with the latest scientific research. Integrative psychiatry goes on to unlock a comprehensive methodology that treats the brain as the remarkably complex system it truly is, thus uncovering the root causes behind mental health issues. The SOUL Approach is the culmination of this integrated evidence based holistic modalities that truly redefine mental health for humanity.


Today, I stand committed to a mission of redefining the possibilities in mental health and well being. The SOUL Approach enables you to transcend the limits of conventional medicine, providing the answers and results you deserve by integrating latest and cutting edge scientific research with ancient wisdom and holistic health practices.


Imagine a life where you overcome the shackles and limitations of anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges - this is the transformative journey I invite you to embark on. Are you someone who is ready to embark on a journey where you are committed to personal growth, self discovery and achieving your highest potential, the SOUL Approach awaits you. Shed restricting diagnosis with side effects and embrace and reclaim your vitality and experience the radiant health and wellness you deserve.I invite you, to join me in revolutionising mental health care from the inside out.

I invite you, to join me in revolutionising mental health care from the inside out.
So. are you in or what?

To Your Radiant Health-n-Wellness

Dr. Aarti Midha

MD Psychiatry SMS Medical College

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