"Could Your Stubborn Mental Health Issue Be Rooted in an Imbalanced System? "

 Clear Roadmap Towards Recovery

I believe that you have the power to break free from this mental prisonand reclaim the vibrant, purposeful life you deserve.You too can experience profound healing,rediscovering your authentic selfand embracing a renewed sense of inner peace and fulfillment.Through an integrative, personalized approach, we'll unravel the root causes of your mental health challenges,harmonizing your mind, body, and spirit as an interconnected system.

Together, we'll co-create a transformative journey tailored to your unique needs, empowering you to transcend labels,overcome limiting beliefs, and unlock your highest potential.

📅 Date: March 20th 2023, (Wednesday)
⏰Time: 7:00PM – 8.30 (90 minutes Approx)🎥Venue: Zoom

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Implement SOUL Approach


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Witness the Results

Are you Struggling with these Challenges:

Yes or Yess...

Check for yourself, does/if this look and sound familiar to you?

Are you struggling to treat exhaustion, depression, anxiety, feeling stuck ,and
finding that medications or therapy aren't offering the relief you need?

Are you ready to explore beyond the surface and uncover the root causes of these challenges ?

You are constantly trying different options.

If you answered YES to any of these, then what you are dealing with lack of clarity and confusion. Finally, I have some Really Amazing News to share with you!!

Introducing the Path to faster recovery process  by Unlocking The  Secrets of SOUL Approach

True mental health is holistic, not just in your head.
 Psychiatric conditions are complex, involving more than just chemical imbalances in the brain.The root causes of mental health conditions are diverse, including unconscious conflicts, genetic factors, immune system responses, gut microbiome health, mitochondrial function, infectious diseases, and the effects of toxins, metabolism, endocrine system imbalances, and environmental factors.

Who Should Attend The Masterclass?


Health Care Providers

Care Givers

Health Coaches


Psychology Students

Join webinar to unravel these secrets and gain actionable insights
into integrating nutrition with mental wellness.
Elevate your caregiving journey by understanding the profound
 impact of nutrition on the mind-body connection.

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Are you someone who is suffering from ?

Lack of Clarity


in follow ups

Medication Resistant

Observing Side Effects

No Results

Are you really tired of all these issues?
Would you really like to get rid of these issues.
If Yes, and you are truly committed then you don’t have to deal with these issues anymore.

By Enrolling Today, You Also get the following BONUSES FOR FREE!! 🎁

free ebook 6 secrets of nutrition for mental health worth ₹ 1000

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Free Course Worth Rs 3000

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Get your Certificate on Attending the Webinar Worth ₹5,000

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Total Value of Bonuses ₹ 9000

Meet Your Mentor

I am MD Psychiatry from SMS Medical college Jaipur.and ABAARM from the American board of Antiaging and Regenerative medicine, USA. I am  a Psychiatrist by profession and Integrative medicine physician by passion. 

What would YOUR Success look like... after you implement SOUL Approach?


Still, Got Questions...

  • Who is this webinar designed for?

This webinar is designed for Psychology students, psychologists, nutritionists and anyone interested in holistic mental health. It caters to individuals seeking practical strategies to integrate nutrition into their wellness journey.

  • How long is the webinar?

The webinar is approximately 90 minutes, including insightful presentations and a dedicated Q&A session where you can get your specific questions answered.

  • Is there a cost to attend the webinar?

No, the webinar is free to attend.

  • How do I register for the webinar?

To register, simply click on the registration link provided and fill out the required information. You will receive a confirmation email with details on how to join the webinar.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page.

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